Thursday, January 27, 2011

my not so guilty pleasure.

Do you watch Jeopardy?

Like, really watch it? Not just watch Final Jeopardy while you're waiting for the 5 o'clock news, but like obsessively record it every day and anxiously look forward to being able to watch it with your husband when your kiddo finally decided to go to sleep?

*raises hand* I do. It's become a daily tradition, watching it together and seeing who gets the most answers right (he typically wins, though I do sometimes give him a run for his money). We also get a kick out of how passive aggressive Alex Trebek is to the contestants who are losing, or who answer an obviously easy question with a really stupid answer. We laugh at the background stories of the contestants who are annoying, and read through the lines of their impressively worded job titles.

Literary sales liason = You work at Barnes and Noble, don't be trying to hide behind that, crazy cat lady with the awful peach colored sweater on.

We've been watching it daily for probably 3 years now, and my trivia knowledge has definitely improved, and I really do like the fact I learn something (or many somethings) new every day. Yes, I'm a nerd. But I'm okay with it.

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