Monday, January 24, 2011

monday list

Things That Annoy Me Lately

1. The fact that I live 4 1/2 hours from my friends and family. It has really, really, really started to bother me.

2. The fact that I am definitely addicted to chocolates, a big shift in what junk food I used to be addicted to: chips and crackers. It's making me rethink my self identity.

3. This blog. I spent like, about 4 hours too many gawking with my mouth open at this crazy lady's rants on everything from IVF to 'teh gays' to birth control to church nurseries. If it's out there, she probably hates it. And is proud to tell you so. Click at your own risk, it's addictively soul crushing.

4. The fact that I have no chocolate. (see number 2)



Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Crazy mommy blogger is crazy! I thought you were exaggerating in your last post, but wow. Just wow. I definitely fall into the group of people that she hates. That's so reassuring to know!

Anonymous said...

Ha! And naturally the post about her hating us reprobates isn't open for comments. That's just lovely.

ABDPBT said...

Hah, I see you found the Are They All Yours woman. Oh boy. Well, it takes all kinds, as they say.

Amber, said...

Yeah, she is kraaaaazy with a capital K.