Sunday, December 26, 2010

desperately seeking susan. i mean, iphone.

iPhone 4,

I barely knew you. You came into my life, and left me too soon. I find I cannot live without you, but lack the funds to replace you. I'm a dumbass that lost you, but you made me love you. Come back? I promise I will tape you to my hand so I won't lose you again. Or at least wire me the money so I can get one of your relatives.

The dumbass who needs your electronic loving but lost you in Walmart.


Polly said...

Hey! Its Polly from blog frog!
Thanks for all the comments! :]

I dont know how it feels to loose an iphone but I have had 3 ipods now and they each have been stolen! It sucks :[

Amber said...

Hey Polly, thanks for visiting! It does indeed suck!